Plaster Casting- Fun in the sun

“Aw, you guys went to the beach today. That’s fun!” my friend Fiona said to me when I picked her up to go to work. “Yeah, it was for homework”. I have to admit it was fun to have to go to the beach for homework, and even more fun to see my friend’s surprised reaction when I told her it was for a project. At the beach I worked with a couple of my friends who are also in the class; Kathryn Giometti, Antonella Redekosky, and Nathan Moreno. None of us knew what we were doing so the actual project took several tries… and basically all of our plaster to get 4 interesting looking plaster casting. Mine somehow turned out the best and actually looked like a hand even though one of the fingers managed to be bent the wrong way. While we waited for our plaster to harden we took some time to enjoy the beach and take some pictures and make stupid snapchat videos. I had fun at the beach even though it was a struggle to make the plaster casting of my hand.



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