Wk 2- Landscapes with a corpse

Once I heard what this week’s art activity was I thought it was pretty cool and I was interested in the eerie but beautiful concept. I was also happy that this project was more convenient and cheaper than the last one. So I set off to find an interesting place to die with my roommate, Antonella Redekosky. We found some cool spots but we wanted to keep looking so we postponed the photo shoot to a later date. As the week progressed I found myself with less time to look for interesting spots but I was able to help my friend, Toria Painter, capture her untimely demise. So time passes and I still have yet to do my own project. This morning, Sunday February 5th, I realized that I needed to take a picture of my death before I had to run off to work but unfortunately none of my roommates where home, or even in Long Beach, so I devised a plan. I set up my phone against the railing of my apartment balcony so it had a view of the parking area. Now I had to figure out how to be in two places at once. I decided, instead of magically being in two places at once, I would take a video. Once I hit record I ran down the stairs and over to the quaint little sidewalk next to a parking spot. But don’t worry, I checked to make sure no one was looking before I randomly collapsed in the parking lot. After that I ran back to my apartment to take a screenshot of the awkward video I had created. Although this is not what I originally wanted for my project I have to say that in the end I say it turned out pretty well.


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