Wk 3- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information:

Artist: La Rosa (Elijah Yee)
Exhibition: La Rosa
Media: Drawing, painting, photography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: larosabird.ca
Instagram: larosa.artist


About the Artist:

This week I viewed the work of Elijah Yee who goes by the name La Rosa. La Rosa is an undergrad student who is currently in his third year here at California State University, Long Beach and is getting a BA in studio art. Although he is currently in the studio art program, he wanted to switch to the drawing and painting program but was not allowed due to the unit cap. La Rosa’s work explores human emotion and the nature behind it. He also explores the interpretation of beauty and the prospective of youth.


Formal Analysis:

La Rosa’s work plays with the combination of several different medias. He brings new ideas onto and off of the canvas through paint. Were most artist leave the paint on the canvas, La Rosa continues to paint even on the frame around the painting. I noticed that he has a tendency to use muted blues, pinks, reds, and purple shades though out his art. Most of his art was on a smaller scale but that does not bring down its value. La Rosa experimented with texture in a few of his piece. There was one piece in which he added texture through melting wax on the canvas. Another one of his piece took away texture by burning a hole into the center on the canvas, which in turn also adds texture to the canvas.


Content Analysis:

La Rosa’s work is about feeling, emotion, and beauty. He plays with the ideas of the conventional and unconventional ideal of beauty and peoples’ perceptions. He tries to create a more unorthodox way to display beauty and push the barrier of how different can be beautiful. La Rosa’s work comes from a place a mystery and curiosity with a drive of youthfulness. His work tries to understand the nature of human emotions and display it through art.


My Experience:

I found that I really connected to La Rosa’s work. I could tell that there was emotion behind each piece and it resonated inside of me. Even his more simplistic of pieces spoke volumes to me. The youthful drive behind the work made it easy for me to connect with. The aesthetic that he uses is one that I have found interest in for awhile. I was drawn in by the muted colors and the seemingly beautiful art that also showed a message of distraught. I could find myself relating my own personal stories to the painting and having my emotions echoed back at me. La Rosa’s intention and emotion behind his work was clear to me and was the easiest out of all the art galleries for me to relate to.



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