Wk 4-Art Care Package

This week I made a care package and sent it to my best friend, Haley who goes to school in Washington. I included a Glamour magazine because it keeps her updated on culture and is also her favorite magazine. I added a sketch of my ID card because it represents me and will hopefully remind her of the times when we would draw together when we were kids. The highlighters are to help her study and stay organized because she is not the most organized person I know. I also included chocolate because it is her favorite snack and who doesn’t love to get food?

Sending this care package is like sending a snapchat because it is personal¬†between the two of us. This is also unlike snapchat because it is more difficult to communicate back and forth because it is less convenient, also we are college students and sending packages cost money where snapchat does not. I think that ephemera can be special and it is different to be able to have something tangible rather than just see it. I also think that it can be a bit unnecessary and lead people to become hoarders. It depends on the material being presented and can also vary from person to person. I don’t think how many people seeing the art determines the value of art. Art is supposed to make the viewer feel something and it doesn’t matter how many people actually view it as long as it comes from a place of connection, good or bad. The quickness of snapchat makes it easier and more efficient to communicate between people but the slow delivery of the care package can show more thought and effort allowing for a better connection. I think that both the care package and snapchat can have love behind them but it is felt in different ways.


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