Wk 4- Artist Conversation: Jenny Cho

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Jenny Cho
Exhibition: Inprocess
Media: Drawing, painting, weaving
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby gallery
Instagram: cxthxdx_gxrlimg_1409

About the Artist:

This week I had the pleasure of viewing work by Jenny Cho. Jenny Cho is getting a BFA in drawing and painting and is currently in her last semester at California State University, Long Beach. She is interesting in finding new ways of mixing art and creating works that represent her. Cho stays true to herself while creating her pieces by having fun and finding the joy within her work.img_1416

Formal Analysis:

Jenny Cho develops her work through by being inspired by her materials at hand and having a sense of whim and play. Some of her piece were developed through system painting which is a set of rules that she creates and follows in order to develop her piece. Cho creates around the structure that is already developed in the wood. She follows the grain and uses it to compliment and inspire her work.

Content Analysis:

Cho talked about how some of her piece represented her physical body. She used herself as an inspiration and a tool to develop her pieces. She presented three of her works “Standing Diagonal”, “Never Judge a Boob by its Cover”, and “Hello and Goodbye (part II)” as a set that represented herself mentally and physically. “Standing Diagonal” represented her head and her femininity. The work even had a portrait of her face hidden in the details which you could only see from a certain angle. Cho’s piece “Never Judge a Boob by its Cover” represents her bust. Cho created a mold of her breast and used it as a base for her development of the piece. As she developed the piece she not only used it to represent her femininity but also to make a statement about technology. The last piece in the set “Hello and Goodbye (Part II)” represents Cho’s vagina. She used the grain of the wood as an inspiration to create a very intimate part of her body. Jenny Cho’s work is both abstract and upfront.img_1415

My Experience:

I found Jenny Cho’s work to be really beautiful. I could see that there was an intimate connection between her and her work and I feel privileged to be able to see and be a part of this connection. I related to her work because I share some of the same views as Cho and can also see my femininity in her work. It was interesting and appealing to see the structure behind her work. This is something that I see in everyday life and use in my own art as well.img_1403


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