Wk 5- Automatic Drawing

For this project I worked with my roommate Antonella Redekosky. We worked together to create my drawing and her’s as well. For my drawing I started with a purple oil crayon from the pack I got from Daiso. We didn’t time how long we were drawing for and just decided together when to stop. When we stopped after the first crayon I decided to do another color on top because it just looked like a purple blob. The next color I choose was a light blue. I noted that we should probably not draw for as long of a time so we could possibly see more of a shape and lines and less of a blob. While we were drawing with this one Antonella pointed out how it will probably end up looking like cotton candy, and in a sense she was right. I think by the time we got to her drawing we had a better feeling of how long to draw for but what really matters is that we had fun while creating our art.


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