Wk 6- Short Story/Artist Talk

As I entered Cintia Alejandra Segovia’s office with the translator of my client she welcomed us to come and join her. My client was already there going through the process of getting her citizenship but of course there were still somethings that needed to be checkout. Ms. Segovia was checking my client’s accent because as a good American citizen you cannot have thick accent. She criticized the translator, Antonella Redekosky, for her poor teaching skills because my client was struggling to say some words clearly with her accent. As we were going through this my client’s wife arrived, Kathryn Giometti. Once the accent check was complete she asked the two wives if they had joint accounts and other things to prove that she could provide and do well as an American citizen. When that was all said and done my client had to sign paperwork to become an American citizen. While my client was writing I had to interrupt to see if she was ok with the statement and commitment she was making. In the end I was glad to support my client while she makes authentic chicken quesadillas for stray cats in order to become an American Citizen.

Artist: Cintia Segovia Figueroa
Exhibition: Ritual of Judgement
Media: Photography, performance art
Gallery: Merlino



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