Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Elena Roznovan

Exhibit Information:

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition:Stop & Stare

Media: Sculpture, “Video Installation”

Gallery: CSULB Art Gallery, Gatov East

Website: elena.roznovan@gmail.com

Instagram: @eroznovan


About the Artist:

Elena Roznovan is a second year graduate student here a California Sate University, Long Beach. She is working on getting her MFA in the sculpting department. Elena Roznovan’s exhibit “Stop & Stare” explores the idea of phenomenology.

Formal Analysis:

The exhibit “Stop & Stare” featured a video projection of a desert setting. The video showed the desert setting throughout different times of the day. The video was also accompanied by installations hanging from the ceiling. These installations were transparent rectangles in a variety of colors. The rectangles varied in size and placement, one of which leaned against the wall in the corner. One of these rectangles was also seen in the video leaning against a tree. In the gallery there was a bench that was placed for the viewer to stop, sit, and observe the video.



Content Analysis:

Roznovan’s work draws from the need to find calm. The slow evolution of the film helps to appose the fast pace lifestyle that most people have now a days. The work deals with the study of human consciousness and awareness that there must be to find calmness. Roznovan is interested in duration and time. She plays with this through the time lapse of the video and observing how long people take to observe the video. She wants people to take time to observe, to stop and stare.

My Experience:

When I first walked into the exhibit I wasn’t to interested but I took time to sit and look at the projection. As I sat I noticed that it wasn’t just a picture but it was actually a video. I became entranced by the slow movement of the clouds as they shifted in the sky. It was interesting to note the effect that the colors had on the video as the brightness of the lighting began to shift. I wish that I would have taken more time to see the full shift of the exhibit.



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