Wk 10- Architecture: The Wedge

For my art experience I decided to redesign the wedge by the USU. I decided to redesign this spot because I interact with this location more and it seems to be a bigger problem when it comes to foot traffic. For my redesign of the wedge I wanted to stay true to the original structure because of the fact that it is in a way iconic to the campus. I would expand the hole by moving back the pole and making it a part of the planter. This also gives the structure a bigger base. For the tiled wall I would expand the hole both in width and depth. This would allow for people to be able to step through the opening but not just walk through it, forcing them to notice the art of the architecture. For the other side of the wedge I would remove the awkward benches and make smaller sets that are against the wall. This would allow for more space for pedestrian to walk. This new structure is more foot traffic friendly and still stays true to the original structure.


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