Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Maya Cox and Shannon Jenich


This week I had the pleasure of talking to two classmates, Maya Cox and Shannon Jenich. Maya is a Nutrition major and is graduating after this semester. She is from Clovis California and she moved down to Long Beach for school. Maya had two dogs but sadly her ex took them when they broke it off. After Maya graduates she plans to travel internationally. Some stops on her trip will be to London, France, and Spain. Shannon is a second year Human development major. She is from Long Beach and lives at home. She currently doesn’t have a job. Shannon enjoyed this week’s art activity because she likes to draw. Shannon wants to get into nursing and become an RN. After school is wants to stay in the area. I had fun talking to Shannon and Maya and wish them the best with their future plans.

check out their blogs: Shannon’s- https://sjenich.wordpress.com/

Maya’s- https://mayalcoxblog.wordpress.com/

P.S. Shannon’s favorite color is red and Maya’s favorite color is green.


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