Wk 14- Design Thinking

  1. Professional Dancer/Choreographer: This is not what I think I’ll be doing, rather something I know I will be doing. Dancing is always something I have been passionate about and I have always planned to follow my passion. Currently I am getting a BFA in dance here at California State University, Long Beach. Through school and outside classes I have been gaining valuable skills and training that will help me in the professional world. I have also made connections to people who are already established in the dance world and could help me along the way. After i graduate I am looking into dancing on a cruise for a year because it is a good way to save money and see the world. I would also like to do commercial work in music videos or tv, or dance in a modern company in LA.
  2. Actress: If dancing somehow disappeared I would go into acting. This is another one of my passions because I love to perform. I can’t see myself with a create that doesn’t involve art in some way. I have gained experience in acting through past experiences and I even used to have an agent back in Las Vegas. I have also made connections through people I went to high school with because I went to a performing arts high school and several of my friends have followed careers in theater.
  3. No job/full time cat lady: If I didn’t have to worry about money then I wouldn’t have a job.  I would sleep how ever long I wanted and explore and enjoy life. I would relax because that is something that I don’t have time to do now. I would also own A LOT of cats. I would be the world’s coolest cat lady. I already have three cats so I’m off to a good start.

I have already conducted several interviews with people in my career field and have made a lot of connections. I don’t have a linkedin account but I don’t think it would be much help unless it can help me find an agent. As for practice, I plan to finish my last year of college, continue to take dance and acting classes, and maybe some day go to grad school.


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